The Gemini Agreement establishes the management structure of the Gemini Project. The Gemini Board is the supervisory and regulatory body, an Executive Agency is empowered to act on behalf of the parties to arrange for construction and operations of Gemini, and a Managing Organization is responsible for day-to-day management of the Project.

The Gemini Board

The Gemini Board is the primary forum for interactions and decisions between the Partners and has overall budgetary and policy control over Gemini. It defines committees as necessary, determines schedules, apportions costs, provides guidance to the Managing Organization, determines policy and procedures for allocation of observing time, and reports to the Partners on the progress of Gemini. The Gemini Board discharges these responsibilities through an annual calendar of meetings, which is determined by the provisions of the Gemini Agreement. This schedule of meetings and the actions which are required under the Agreement are shown in Appendix A.

The Gemini Board, according to the Gemini Agreement as amended, is composed of eleven members:

The member from UH votes on scientific matters concerning Gemini North only. During 1994-1995, the member from SECYT-CONICET was the voter; MST has appointed an observer to the Board. The members during 1994 were:

Board MemberInstitutionCountry
Dr. Peter S. Conti (succeeded by Dr. Robert Kirshner)University of ColoradoUS
Dr. Alan Dressler Carnegie ObservatoriesUS
Dr. James R. Houck Cornell University US
Dr. G. Wayne van Citters NSF US
Dr. Ian F. Corbett PPARCUK
Dr. Malcolm S. Longair (Chair) University of Cambridge UK
Dr. Donald C. Morton NRCCanada
Dr. Gordon A. H. Walker Univ. of British Columbia Canada
Dr. Robert McLaren University of Hawaii UH (US)
Dr. Claudio Anguita (Vice Chair) (succeeded by Dr. Enrique d'Etigny) CONICYT Chile
Dr. Juan Carlos Forte (succeeded by Dr. Oscar A. Campoli) SECYT Argentina
Dr. João Steiner (observer) University of San Paulo Brazil

The Executive Agency: NSF

The Executive Agency for the Gemini Project is the National Science Foundation (NSF) of the United States. It is empowered to execute the decisions of the Gemini Board, to handle the financial contributions of the Gemini partners, and to communicate decisions of the Board to the Managing Organization.

Dr. G. Wayne van Citters, acting for NSF, is a member of the Gemini Board. Other personnel are the Executive Assistant, Dr. Susan Kayser, and the Executive Secretary, Ms. Mary Lou Renninger. Several offices within NSF provide support to the Project.

The Managing Organization: AURA

The Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy, Inc. (AURA) was established as the initial Managing Organization by the Gemini Agreement. Its responsibilities are described above. Dr. Sidney Wolff, the first Director of the Gemini Project, has guided the Project to its present flourishing condition.

The senior key personnel in 1994 were:

The AURA corporate office contact is Mr. Richard Malow.

National Project Offices

Gemini can operate successfully only if the Project makes effective use of the infrastructure that already exists in the Partner countries. To facilitate this, each Partner to the Gemini Agreement is establishing a National Project office. The functions of these offices are to formulate input to the Project through national Science Advisory Committees, to provide engineering support for managing instrumentation and other projects and for technical reviews, to support the user community in pre- and post-observing activities, to provide technical support beyond that available at the telescope sites, and to be responsible for instrumentation undertaken by the partner countries. The National Project Offices may also manage the national telescope time allocation.

A National Project Office typically has a Project Scientist and a Project Manager. The personnel during 1994 were:

USProject ScientistDr. Todd Boroson
UKProject Scientist Dr. Roger Davies

Project Manager Dr. Terry Lee
CanadaProject Scientist Dr. Gordon Walker

Project Manager Dr. Andrew Woodsworth
ChileProject Scientist Dr. José Maza (acting)
ArgentinaProject Scientist Dr. Gustavo Carranza
BrazilProject Scientist Dr. Miriani Pastoriza

Project Manager Dr. Francisco Jablonski

Science Committee

The Gemini Science Committee has the responsibility of making science policy recommendations to the Project Director, with an independent report to the Board. It meets twice a year. The members of the Gemini Science Committee during 1994 were:

Finance Committee

The Gemini Finance Committee of the Gemini Board oversees the financial matters of the Gemini Project, meeting twice a year. It provides advice on keeping the budget within the constraints of cash flow and of total expenditure. During 1994, the members of the Finance Committee were:

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