Publications of the Gemini Project

Publications through 1993

TitleAuthor Release Date
1Proposal for the Investigation and Demonstration of the Feasibility of Low-Emissivity Durable CoatingsMack/Jackson01-Dec-91
2Gemini Project Enclosure CandidatesM306-Apr-92
3AOWG Preliminary ReportMeyers14-Sep-92
4Optimum Final Surface Configuration of an 8m Meniscus Mirror Using First and Third Order...Cho18-Sep-92
5Gemini Document/Drawing Control PlanOschmann30-Nov-92
6Optical Surface Figure Evaluation of an 8m Primary MirrorCho20-Dec-92
7Engineering Geophysical Survey of the Gemini SiteL.K.Lepley28-Dec-92
8Specifications, ULE Meniscus Mirror BlanksPrice30-Dec-92
9Report on Deformation of the Primary Mirror Cell and its Effect on Mirror FigureStepp22-Jan-93
10Effects on Surface Figure Due to Random Error in Support Actuator ForcesCho22-Feb-93
11Technical report on the evaluation of the effect of varying sputtering parameters on the film emissivity Mack/Jackson01-Mar-93
12Control System Design Study ReportDavies01-Mar-93
13Mirror Technology WorkshopStepp01-Mar-93
14Tip-Tilt Chopper Control Study and Power RequirementsBurns22-Mar-93
15Software Programming StandardsMcGehee22-Mar-93
16PV-Wave EvaluationMcGehee31-Mar-93
17Gemini Science Requirements DocumentOsmer/Mountain01-Apr-93
18A Method for Determining Tip-Tilt Secondary Bandwidth & Power RequirementsBurns 08-Apr-93
19Enclosure Support Facility Site Plan PDRFord, Gillet12-Apr-93
20Chopping Secondary Control Study Burns12-Apr-93
21Line of Sight Sensitivity EquationsHuang20-Apr-93
22The Effect of Mirror Surface Figure Errors on the Point Spread Function of the TelescopePeterson 30-Apr-93
23Image Smear Error Budget with Required Servo Bandwidth & Sampling RateBurns25-May-93
24Visual Scientific Development & Control Environments Wampler01-Jun-93
25Software Configuration Control PlanMcGehee/Wampler18-Jun-93
26Support Facility Roof Thermal Analysis Ford 13-Jul-93
27Telescope Tube Mass Balance f/16 Top End Config. Sheehan 14-Jul-93
28Telescope Tube Mass Balance f/16 Optical Top End Config. Sheehan 14-Jul-93
29Telescope Tube Mass Balance f/6 Top End Config. Sheehan 14-Jul-93
30Primary Mirror F/# Trades - Technical Assessments Oschmann 01-Aug-93
31Thermal Emissivity Analysis of a Gemini 8m Telescope Design Dinger16-Aug-93
32Windshake vs. Sample Rate and Centroid Error vs. Sample Rate for Tip-Tilt Using an... Burns 19-Aug-93
33Software Concept Specification McGonegal 23-Aug-93
34SNR vs. Sample Rate for Tip-Tilt Using an Off-Axis Guide StarBurns23-Aug-93
35Restriction Imposed on Tip-Tilt for an Off-Axis Guide StarBurns23-Aug-93
36Controls Group System Design ReviewWampler26-Aug-93
37Evaluation of Control Systems Development Tools McGehee 26-Aug-93
38Software and Controls Management Plan McGonegal 01-Sep-93
39 Controls Work Package Description Outline McGonegal 09-Sep-93
40Primary Mirror Assembly PDR SWG, 9/93 Mountain 10-Sep-93
41Summary of Gemini Control Simulations Burns 13-Sep-93
42IWG Report for HROS Pilachowski 01-Oct-93
43IWG Interim Reports
44Enclosure Design Requirements Document TSBEG 15-Oct-93
45Performance Estimates of an EPICS-based Telescope Control SystemMcGehee 20-Oct-93
46IWG Reports
47High Spatial Resolution Spectroscopy in the Optical - SWG Report Allington-Smith 22-Oct-93
48 Enclosure Base, Support Facility, & Site Work Design Requirements Document TSBEG 27-Oct-93
49 Optimization of Support Point Locations & Force Levels of the Primary Mirror Support System Price 01-Nov-93
50Environmental Assessment for the Mauna Kea Telescope Engr. Science Inc. 01-Nov-93
51Gemini System Error Budget Plan Oschmann 01-Nov-93
52Telescope Hard Stop Angular Limits, Decelerations Warner 10-Nov-93
53Telescope Mass Properties Warner 11-Nov-93
54Telescope Maximum Velocity, Acceleration Req'ts. Warner 11-Nov-93
55Telescope Maximum Drive Torque Requirements Warner 11-Nov-93
56AO Calculations for Gemini Ellerbroek 18-Nov-93
57Papers for the Science Working Group Mountain 18-Nov-93
58Primary Mirror Assembly PDR Science Working Group, 1/94 Mountain 01-Dec-93
60Technical Reports for the PMA PDR Committee (2 vols)

Publications in 1994

TitleAuthor Release Date
1Controls Group Software System Design ReviewMurowinski 01-Jan-94
2Final Report of the PMA PDR Committee
3Seismic Hazard Analysis - Mauna Kea and Cerro Pachón Dames & Moore 25-Feb-94
4Response to the Final Report for the PMA PDR Committee
5Telescope Critical Design Review (3 Vol.) TSBEG01-Mar-94
6Gemini SPIE Papers Mountain 01-Mar-94
7Gemini Design Review Guidelines Oschmann 30-Mar-94
8AO/A&G Joint Meeting Papers
9Software Design Description PDR
10f/16 Secondary Mirror PDR BackgroundHansen 03-May-94
11HROS Design Study: a Final Report Radley 05-May-94
12Update of the Response to the Final Report of the PMA PDR Committee
13A&G/WFS/Science Fold Unit Meeting Papers
14Instrumentation Program PlanMountain 23-May-94
15Functional Specification for the Gemini Coating PlantKneale 01-Jun-94
16Preliminary Design for the Cassegrain Assembly Wieland 01-Jun-94
17f/16 IR Secondary Structural Analysis ResultsHansen 01-Jun-94
18Mirror Support Design Issues Related to the [REOSC] Metrology Mount Stepp01-Jun-94
19Standard Instrument Controller Work Package SDR McGehee 02-Jun-94
20Reliability & Maintainability Plan Herriot 10-Jun-94
21Thermal Management System Oschmann28-Jun-94
22Systems Review #1Oschmann 01-Jul-94
23f/16 Optical Design Summary Hansen 01-Jul-94
24A Scientific Perspective on the Requirements for the 1-5 Micron SpectrographMountain01-Jul-94
25Comparison of CFHT/CfA Seeing Measurements Simons 01-Aug-94
26A&G/WFS/Science Fold Mirror Unit Systems Review
27Analysis of Offset Errors on Reconstructed Dithered Images Simons 25-Aug-94
28 Project Scientist's Report on System Review #1Gillett 29-Aug-94
29Gemini Electronic Design SpecificationSedun 01-Sep-94
30Cerro Pachón Geomechanical ReportsIDIEM 01-Sep-94
31Cerro Pachón Geotechnical Report (2 vols).IDIEM01-Dep-94
32Impact of Telescope Offset Errors on Slit ThroughputSimons06-Sep-94
33AO/S&G SWG MeetingSimons07-Sep-94
34System Review #1 Reviewer's Comment Sheets Oschmann08-Sep-94
35Software Design DescriptionWampler09-Sep-94
36Ao/A&G SWG Report
37OISWG MeetingAllington-Smith 20-Sep-94
38Software Design Description CDR Material
39IR IWG Meeting
40Design of Gemini MOS SPectrographDavidge22-Sep-84
41Telescope Baffles Conceptual Design ReviewStepp28-Sep-94
42Optical Instrumentation SWG Meeting
43Functional Requirements Document for Primary Mirror Assembly Huang29-Sep-94
44Tolerance on Chop TimingSimons05-Oct-94
45Gemini Nonlinear Servo SimulationsBurns06-Oct-94
46Coating Plant, In-Situ Cleaning, Protected Silver PCD DocumentKneale10-Oct-94
47Enclosure 80% Design Review MaterialsRaybould11-Oct-94
48Secondary Mirror Design Requirements DocumentHansen01-Nov-94
49Comparison of AO Technologies on GeminiSimons04-Nov-94
50AG/WFS/Science Fold Mirror Unit PDR
51Assessment of Optimal Observing Modes with GeminiMountain08-Dec-94

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