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Astronomy is an ideal vehicle to interest kids in science and to teach the basics of chemistry, physics, math, and even biology to elementary and middle-school kids. For high school it's the perfect science since it uses biology, chemistry, physics, geology, and environmental science to study the universe and our place in it.

Astronomy is also ideally suited to teaching the scientific process — how observations and evidence lead to sensible explanations about how the world works.

Teaching materials for grades K-12, developed for the Galileoscope, are available via the links below.

Special thanks to Dr. Tim Slater, Dr. Stephanie Slater, Dr. Stephen Pompea, Robert Sparks, Astronomical Society of the Pacific, National Optical Astronomy Observatory, and the National Science Foundation for providing these materials.

1-Galileos Classroom PDF 246KB

2-Galileoscope Assembly PDF 446KB

3-Galileoscope Observing Guide.docx DOC 324KB

4-Galileoscope-Optics-Guide PDF 971KB

5-Orbits.doc DOC 57KB

6-KASkTime PDF 1.7MB

7-Sun Shadows DOC 139KB

8-Counting Galaxies DOC 991KB

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