Professional Development Courses


This course will familiarize teachers K-12 with earth and space science resources on the Island of Hawai'i while strengthening their content knowledge, developing inquiry skills and abilities while learning to integrate science, social studies, languages arts, and math standards to help students attain hands-on, experience-based learning of the science standards. The objectives are to:

1. Deepen understanding and improve classroom application of the following science content strands and standards through work with local and national science resources and technologies:
Standard 1: The Scientific Process: Scientific Investigation
Standard 2: The Scientific Process: Nature of Science
Standard 6: Physical, Earth and Space Sciences: Nature of Matter
Standard 8: Physical, Earth and Space Sciences: Earth and Space Science

2. Become familiar with the work that scientists do and build collaborative relationships with the scientific community to enhance science education in Hawai'i.

FEBRUARY 10, 2007: Subaru Telescope Conference Room

SESSION 1: 8:00 - 11:45am

Kumiko S. Usuda - "Milky Way Galaxy, Our Home"
Did you know that we live in a galaxy? Do you know the name of Our Galaxy? Yes, it is Milky Way and we see it as a fuzzy light band in the night sky. So, how large is it and which part of the Milky Way do we live? We live in the Galaxy, but how can we draw a map from the inside? What does the Milky Way consist of and what happens inside of Our Galaxy? You can find out clues and answers of the questions at the workshop through size and distance presentations and by making your own MW model(s). About the hands-on Milky Way models, see

SESSION 2: 1:30 - 4:30

Richard Crowe - "The New Solar System"
Includes the latest information on what has been learned from Cassiniabout the Saturnian system, and Titan, Enceladus, Iapetus; Deep Impact;Kuiper Belt Objects, Trans-Neptunian Objects, Cubewanos, and "dwarf"planets; the latest breathtaking images from Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter,Mars Express, Spirit, Opportunity; Messenger and New Horizons missions.

FEBRUARY 24, 2007: Subaru Telescope Conference Room

SESSION 3: 8:00