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Calibration Data Retrieval

The raw frames for calibrations that are shared among programs arenot included withthe PI package, although some of the relevant processed calibrationsare. All of those, as well as the calibrations direclty associated witha science program can be found and retrievedusing the "Search Complete Catalog" and "Search for Processed Calibrations" query pages. In case the desiredcalibration observation is not immediatelly found, PIs are requested tofollow the instructionsbelow.

GMOS-N and GMOS-S MOS Mask Definition Files:

For MOS programs only, if the MDF (Mask Definition File) is not includedin the PI package, please follow theseinstructions to locate and retrieve the MDF from the GSA. If you still cannot locate the required file, please use theHelpDesk to contact Gemini. MDF files are small and can be send by e-mail. 

Raw Calibration Data:

The table lists the instrument modes and corresponding associated calibrations that fall under the shared calibration category. If your program/observation belongs to any of them, please follow the links for detailed instructions.

Instrument Observing Mode Calibrations
Imaging Flats, Photometric Standards
Imaging and Spectroscopy Bias (all modes)
Nod and Shuffle Longslit/MOS/IFU spectroscopy

Darks (previous to 2006A)

Biases (all modes)

NIRI Imaging Photometric standards, flats, darks in addition to those taken
from the science program
GNIRS XD 32l/mm (R=1700) Spectroscopy Flats, Pinhole (previous to 2006A)
Michelle Imaging
Photometric standards, flats in addition to those taken
from the science program
T-ReCS Imaging Photometric Standards
NICI Imaging Flats in addition to those take from the science program.


Processed Calibration Data

Processed calibration frames for some instrument modes can be retrieved from the archive. The GMOS calibrations are mostlyreduced once per moon-phase, around full moon. The reductions include allcalibrations taken in the previous moon period. Please check the observinglogs to identify the appropriate date and configuration.

Instrument Observing Mode Calibration Frames available Access
GMOS Imaging Combined flats (North/South)
Processed standards (South)
Imaging and Spectroscopy (all modes) Combined bias (North/South) GSA
T-ReCS Imaging Standard stars GSA