Gemini Preprint #92

Design considerations of the AO module for the Gemini South multi-conjugate adaptive optics system

E. James, C. Boyer, B. L. Ellerbroek, and M. Hunten
Gemini Observatory, 670 N. A'ohoku Place, Hilo, HI 96720

R. A. Buchroeder
Optical Design Service, 8 S. Bella Vista Drive, Tucson, Arizona 85745


The adaptive optics system for the Gemini South telescope, currently in the design phase, consists of several major subsystems. The largest subsystem, called the AO module, contains most of the optics and electronics and is mounted on one of the Cassegrain instrument ports. The initial system will be a conventional laser guide AO star system, but the plan is to eventually expand it to a multi-conjugate system. This paper describes the design challenges encountered and solutions that were derived for the AO module design. The approach to multi-conjugate version is illustrated, including optical, mechanical, electronic and controls issues.

Keywords: multi-conjugate adaptive optics, laser guide stars, adaptive optical systems

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