Gemini Preprint #59

The Gemini Instrument Program

D. A. Simons, F. C. Gillett, J. M. Oschmann, C. M. Mountain, R. Nolan
Gemini Observatory Northern Operations Center, 670 N. A'ohoku Place, Hilo HI 96720


Building instruments suitable for the new 8-10 m class of telescopes has been a major challenge, as specifications tighten, costs, scientific demands, and expectations grow, all while schedules remain demanding. This report provides a top level description of the status of various elements in the Gemini instrument program, and touches on some of the common problems the various teams building Gemini instruments are having. Despite these challenges, Gemini anticipates harvesting great scientific rewards from the combination of its Observatory facilities and exciting complement of scientific instruments.

To appear in Proc. SPIE.

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Ruth A. Kneale / / May 5, 2000