Gemini Preprint #35

Future Gemini Instrumentation

F.C. Gillett and C.M. Mountain
Gemini 8m Telescopes Project, 950 N. Cherry Ave., Tucson AZ 85719


The following capabilities have been identified as high priority for future Gemini instrumentation.

  1. A Natural Guide Star/Laser Beacon Adaptive Optics (AO) system at Cerro Pachon, and laser beacon capability for the Mauna Kea AO system
  2. A Near IR Coronagraph/Imager for Cerro Pachon
  3. 1 - 2.5µm Multi-object spectroscopic capability, including IFU and multi-slit capability for use with AO corrected images, and wide field multi-object capability over at least 5 arcmin field of view.
  4. Polarization modulators for Optical and IR wavelengths at both Mauna Kea and Cerro Pachon
  5. A High Stability Lab Optical Spectrometer for Cerro Pachon, with resolutions around 120K and >300K.

Appears in Proc. SPIE 3354, "Infrared Astronomical Instrumentation".

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Ruth A. Kneale / / May 1, 1998