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Gemini Preprint Series

Gemini Preprint #96 - Current and Future Facility Instruments at the Gemini Observatory. Douglas A. Simons, Joseph B. Jensen, Peter Gray, Manuel Lazo, Rolando Rogers, and John White.

Gemini Preprint #95 - The Extragalactic Distance Scale. J. B. Jensen, J. L. Tonry, and J. P. Blakeslee.

Gemini Preprint #94 - The The Evolutionary state of stars in the NGC 1333S star formation region..C. Aspin.

Gemini Preprint #93 - Measuring Distances and Probing the Unresolved Stellar Populations of Galaxies Using Infrared Surface Brightness Fluctuations. J. Jensen, J. Tonry, J. Barris, R. Thompson, M. Liu, M. Rieke, E. Ajhar, and J. Blakeslee.

Gemini Preprint #92 - Design considerations of the AO module for the Gemini South multi-conjugate adaptive optics system. E. James, C. Boyer, R. A. Buchroeder, B. L. Ellerbroek, and M. Hunten

Gemini Preprint #91 - Preliminary results of the 2001­2002 Gemini sodium monitoring campaign at Cerro Tololo, Chile. Céline d'Orgeville, François Rigaut, Maxime Boccas, Chris Dainty, Enrique Figueroa, Ralf Flicker, Brooke Gregory, Laurent Michaille, John Quartel, Andrei Tokovinin, Gelys Trancho, Nick Wooder

Gemini Preprint #90 - Gemini Observatory's Facility Instrument Program. Douglas A. Simons, Robert Nolan, Manuel Lazo, Wendy Mays, Ian Richardson, Luis Solis

Gemini Preprint #89 - The Gemini Observatory Multi­continental Network. James R. Kennedy

Gemini Preprint #88 - A Computationally Efficient Wavefront Reconstructor for Simulations of Multi-Conjugate Adaptive Optics on Giant Telescopes. B. Ellerbroek, L. Gilles, and C. R. Vogel

Gemini Preprint #87 - Near-infrared AO coronograph design for giant telescopes. B. Ellerbroek and R. Buchroeder

Gemini Preprint #86 - Design for a phase 0 network. K. Gillies and S. Walker

Gemini Preprint #85 - The Transition from L to T: Chemistry and Classification. T. R. Geballe, X. Fan, D. A. Golimowski, G. R. Knapp, and S. K. Leggett

Gemini Preprint #84 - Layer-Oriented Multigrid Wavefront Reconstruction Algorithms for Multi-Conjugate Adaptive Optics. L. Gilles, B. L. Ellerbroek, and C. R. Vogel

Gemini Preprint #83 - UXORs: A Unique Opportunity to Study Disk Structure. Bernadette Rodgers

Gemini Preprint #82 - Efficient Computation of Minimum Variance Wavefront Reconstructors Using Sparse Matrix Techniques. Brent L. Ellerbroek, 04/02

Gemini Preprint #81 - Ground-based detection of a vibration-rotation line of HD in Orion. T. R. Geballe, S. K. Ramsay Howat, T. Timmermann, F. Bertoldi, C. M. Mountain, 11/01

Gemini Preprint #80 - Deep 10 Micron Imaging of M87. E. S> Perlman, W. B. Sparks, J. Radomski, C. Packham, R. S. Fisher, R. Piña, J. A. Biretta, 11/01

Gemini Preprint #79 - Modal and Operating Characterization of an Optical Telescope. P. Avitabile, J. Teutsch, K. Weech, D. R. Smith, G. Gwaltney, M. Sheehan, 11/01

Gemini Preprint #78 - Comparison of Pressure Measurements and Operating Data for Wind Excitation of Telescope Structures. D. R. Smith, K. Weech, J. Teutsch, P. Avitabile, G. Gwaltney, M. Sheehan, M. Cho, 11/01

Gemini Preprint #77 - Gemini MCAO Control System. C. Boyer, J. Sebag, M. Hunten, L. Saddlemyer, 08/01

Gemini Preprint #76 - Gemini North and South Laser Guide Star Systems Requirements and Preliminary Designs. C. d'Orgeville, B. Bauman, J. Catone, B. L. Ellerbroek, D. Gavel, R. Buchroeder, 08/01

Gemini Preprint #75 - Wind buffeting effects on the Gemini 8m primary mirrors. M. K. Cho, L. Stepp, S. Kim, 08/01

Gemini Preprint #74 - The Star Formation History of LGS 3. B. W.Miller, A. Dolphin, M. G. Lee, S. C. Kim, P. Hodge, 08/01

Gemini Preprint #73 - The Mauna Kea Observatories Near-Infrared Filter Set. I: Defining Optimal 1-5µm Bandpasses. D. A. Simons and A. Tokunaga, 08/01

Gemini Preprint #72 - Ground-Conjugate Wide Field Adaptive Optics for the ELTs. F. Rigaut, 08/01

Gemini Preprint #71 - A Wave Optics Propagation Code for Multi-Conjugate Adaptive Optics. B. L. Ellerbroek and G. M. Cochran, 07/01

Gemini Preprint #70 - .Tilt anisoplanatism and PSF retrieval in LGS MCAO using a predictive controller. R. Flicker and F. Rigaut, 07/01

Gemini Preprint #69 - A Wave Optics Propagation Code for Multi-Conjugate Adaptive Optics. B. L. Ellerbroek, 7/01

Gemini Preprint #68 - Databases and Inter-connectivity in Ground-based Astronomy. T. von Hippel, M. Mountain, 03/01

Gemini Preprint #67 - A Large-Scale Jet and FR I Radio Source in a Spiral Galaxy: The Host Properties and External Environment. M. J. Ledlow, F. N. Owen, M. S. Yun, and J. M. Hill, 02/01

Gemini Preprint #66 - Infrared Spectroscopy of Brown Dwarfs: the onset of CH4 absorption in L dwarfs and the L/T transition. T. R. Geballe, K. S. Noll, S. K. Leggett, G. R. Knapp, X. Fan, and D. Golimowski, 11/00

Gemini Preprint #65 - The Infrared Evolution of Sakurai's Object. T. R. Geballe, A. E. Evans, B. Smalley, V. H. Tyne, and S. P. S. Eyres, 11/00

Gemini Preprint #64 - The Infrared Surface Brightness Fluctuation Hubble Constant. J. B. Jensen, J. L. Tonry, R. I. Thompson, E. A. Ajhar, T. R. Lauer, M. J. Rieke, M. Postman, and M. C. Liu, 11/00

Gemini Preprint #63 - The White Dwarf Cooling Age of the Open Cluster NGC 2420. T. von Hippel, G. Gilmore, 06/00

Gemini Preprint #62 - Principles, Limitations and Performance of Multi-Conjugate Adaptive Optics. F. J. Rigaut, B. L. Ellerbroek and R. Flicker, 05/00

Gemini Preprint #61 - Effect of Gemini primary mirror position, relative to the lateral support, on mirror figure. M. K. Cho, L. Stepp, 05/00

Gemini Preprint #60 - A curvature-based laser guide star adaptive optics system for Gemini-South. M. Chun, C. d'Orgeville, B. Ellerbroek, J. E. Graves, M. Northcott, F. Rigaut, 04/00

Gemini Preprint #59 - The Gemini Instrument Program. D. A. Simons, F. C. Gillett, J. M. Oschmann, C. M. Mountain, R. Nolan, 04/00

Gemini Preprint #58 - Galaxy Surface Photometry. B. Milvang-Jensen, I. Jørgensen, 03/00

Gemini Preprint #57 - Gemini Prime Focus Wavefront Sensor. J. Sebag, D. Walther, P. Gigoux, J. M. Oschmann, and C. Cavedoni, 03/00

Gemini Preprint #56 - Distributed User Support and the Gemini Observatory HelpDesk. S. Chan and P. J. Puxley , 03/00

Gemini Preprint #55 - LGS AO Photon Return Simulations and Laser Requirements for the Gemini LGS AO Program. C. d'Orgeville, F. J. Rigaut, and B. L. Ellerbroek, 03/00

Gemini Preprint #54 - Videoconferencing at Gemini. J. R. Wright and T. Fujioka, 03/00

Gemini Preprint #53 - Network Infrastructure Improvements at Gemini. J. R. Wright, T. Fujioka, and J. Kennedy, 03/00

Gemini Preprint #52 - Gemini Primary Mirror Control System: Design, Implementation and Experience. J. F. Maclean, 03/00

Gemini Preprint #51 - Scaling Multi-Conjugate Adaptive Optics Performance Estimates to Extremely Large Telescopes. B. L. Ellerbroek and F. J. Rigaut , 03/00

Gemini Preprint #50 - H3+ Between the Stars. T. R. Geballe, 03/00

Gemini Preprint #49 - A Second Luminous Blue Variable in the Quintuplet Cluster. T. R. Geballe, F. Najarro, D. F. Figer, 01/00

Gemini Preprint #48 - Adaptive Optics Challenges for the ELTs. F. Rigaut, R. Ragazonni, M. Chun, M. Mountain, 01/00

Gemini Preprint #47 - Morphological Evolution of Galaxies. M. Takamiya, 10/99

Gemini Preprint #46 - Fluorescent Molecular Hydrogen in the Extragalactic Giant HII Region NGC5461. P. J. Puxley, S. K. Ramsay Howat, C. M. Mountain, 10/99

Gemini Preprint #45 - Gemini Mauna Kea Laser Guide Star System. C. d'Orgeville, M. R. Chun, J. Sebag, C. Boyer, D. Montgomery, J. M. Oschmann, F. Rigaut, D. A. Simons, 10/99

Gemini Preprint #44 - Galaxy Structural Parameters: Star Formation Rate and Evolution with Redshift. M. Takamiya, 10/99

Gemini Preprint #43 - The evolution of cluster E and S0 galaxies measured from the Fundamental Plane. I. Jørgensen, M. Franx, J. Hjorth, P. G. van Dokkum, 5/99

Gemini Preprint #42 - E and S0 galaxies in the central part of the Coma cluster: Ages, metal abundances and dark matter. I. Jørgensen, 2/99

Gemini Preprint #41 - The Revolution in Telescope Aperture. C.M. Mountain and F.C. Gillett, 10/98

Gemini Preprint #40 - WIYN Open Cluster Study 1: Deep Photometry of NGC 188. T. von Hippel and A. Sarajedini, 8/98

Gemini Preprint #39 - High-Resolution Infrared Spectroscopy and Nuclear Clusters in the Starburst Galaxy NC1614. P.J. Puxley and P.W.J.L. Brand, 8/98

Gemini Preprint #38 - The Infrared Surface Brightness Fluctuation Distances to the Hydra and Coma Clusters. J.B. Jensen, J.L. Tonry and G.A. Luppino, 8/98

Gemini Preprint #37 - The Gemini 8m Telescopes. C.M. Mountain, F.C. Gillett, J. Oschmann, 5/98

Gemini Preprint #36 - The ortho to para ratio of H2 in the starburst of NGC 253. A. Harrison, P. Puxley, A. Russell, P. Brand, 5/98

Gemini Preprint #35 - Future Gemini Instrumentation. F.C. Gillett and C.M. Mountain, 4/98

Gemini Preprint #34 - Characterization of Gemini Near-IR Arrays. W. Harrison, W. Ball, A.M. Fowler, 4/98

Gemini Preprint #33 - Measuring Distances Using Infrared Surface Brightness Fluctuations. J. Jensen, J.L. Tonry, G.A. Luppino, 4/98

Gemini Preprint #32 - Development of Silver Coating Options for the Gemini 8m Telescopes Project. M.R. Jacobson et al, 3/98

Gemini Preprint #31 - Infrastructure of the Gemini Observatory Control System. K. Gillies, S. Walker, 3/98

Gemini Preprint #30 - Hardware Implementation of the Primary MIrror Surface Heating System for the Gemini 8 meter telescopes. B. Perona, E. Hanen, D. Hagelbarger, A. Rudeen, 3/98

Gemini Preprint #29 - Design Study of the GNIRS Bracket Structure. M. Cho, C. Li, W-Y. Wong, R. Cuberly, I. Moon, 3/98

Gemini Preprint #28 - Gemini Phase I Science Proposal Entry Tool. D. Kotturi, 3/98

Gemini Preprint #27 - The Support Capability Requirements of 8-m Telescope Science. P. Puxley, T. Boroson, P. Roche, J-R. Roy, 3/98

Gemini Preprint #26 - The Gemini Observatory Science Operations Plan. P. Puxley, F. Gillett, M. Mountain, D. Simons, 3/98

Gemini Preprint #25 - Hydrogen Recombination Lines in the Compact HII Region K3-50a. P. Puxley, 8/97

Gemini Preprint #24 - Therm-optic Analysis of Bi-metallic Mirrors. D. Vukobratovich, A. Gerzoff, M. Cho, 8/97

Gemini Preprint #23 - Communications Challenge for the Gemini 8m Telescopes. J. Wright, 6/97

Gemini Preprint #22 - User Interface for the Control of the Gemini Telescopes. S. Smith and K. Gillies, 6/97

Gemini Preprint #21 - On the Comparative Performance of an 8m NGST and a Ground Based 8m Optical/IR Telescope. F. Gillett and M. Mountain, 6/97

Gemini Preprint #20 - Science Planning for the Gemini 8m Telescopes. S. Wampler et. al., 6/97

Gemini Preprint #19 - Execution of Queue-Scheduled Observations with Gemini. P. Puxley, 6/97

Gemini Preprint #18 - Observations of Millimetre-Wavelength Hydrogen Recombination Lines in the Galaxy NGC253. P. Puxley, M. Mountain, P. Brand, T. Moore, N. Nakai, 1/97

Gemini Preprint #17 - Numerical Simulations of Airflow in Telescope Enclosures. D. DeYoung, 9/96

Gemini Preprint #16 - Thermal Analysis on Hex Placement Patterns of the Gemini Primary Mirrors. M. Cho, 7/96

Gemini Preprint #15 - Gemini Instrumentation Program Overview. D. Simons, F. Gillett, R. McGonegal, 6/96

Gemini Preprint #14 - The Software Design of the Gemini 8m Telescopes. S. Wampler, 6/96

Gemini Preprint #13 - Observing with a 21st Century Groundbased Telescope - or How to Do Unique Science with the Gemini Telescopes. P. Puxley, T. Boroson 6/96

Gemini Preprint #12 - Prototype Testing of a Surface Heating System for the Gemini 8-m Telescopes. E. Hansen, D. Hagelbarger, E. Pearson, 6/96

Gemini Preprint #11 - What is beyond 8m-10m class telescopes and the VLT-I: a Very Large Imaging Array for Groundbased Infrared and Optical Astronomy? M. Mountain, 6/96

Gemini Preprint #10 - Gemini Primary Mirror Cell Design. E. Huang, 6/96

Gemini Preprint #9 - Active Optics Performance Study of the Primary Mirror of the Gemini Telescopes Project. M. Cho, 6/96

Gemini Preprint #8 - Managing an Internationally Distributed Instrumentation & Controls Project. R. McGonegal, 6/96

Gemini Preprint #7 - Management of the Gemini 8-m Telescopes Project. R. Kurz, M. Mountain, 6/96

Gemini Preprint #6 - Gemini 8-m Telescopes Performance Estimates Update. J. Oschmann, D. Simons, 6/96

Gemini Preprint #5 - The Gemini 8-M Telescopes Project. M. Mountain, F. Gillett, R. Kurz, 6/96

Gemini Preprint #4 - The Spatial Distribution of Stellar CO Absorption in M83. P. Puxley, R. Doyon, M.J. Ward, 3/96

Gemini Preprint #3 - The Solar Neighborhood III: A Near Infrared Search for Widely Separated Low Mass Binaries. D. Simons, T. Henry, J. D. Kirkpatrick, 2/96

Gemini Preprint #2 - A Search for Infrared Positronium Line Emission from the Great Annihilator near the Galactic Centre. P. Puxley, G. Skinner, 1/96

Gemini Preprint #1 - Fourier Imaging Spectroscopy of the Galactic Center. D. Simons, J. Maillard, 1/96

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