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Welcome to the second decade of Journey through the Universe

An excerpt from Hawaii Island Chamber of Commerce newsletter

Journey Through the Universe Astronomy Educator’s Reception
The ongoing success of any initiative in our Hawaii community is largely due to the partnerships that are formed. Journey through the Universe (Journey) is no exception and without our local businesses supporting this nationally recognized program, the number of students reached, teacher’s workshops held, family science events attended, would simply not have been achieved over the last ten years.

As we enter our second decade of Journey we are so proud of the relationships built with both the Hawaii Island Chamber of Commerce and the Japanese Chamber of Commerce. Our Journey team thanks the Hawaii Island Chamber profusely for supporting our students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education. The annual celebration sponsored by the Chambers at the Hilo Yacht Club during Journey week provides a unique opportunity for the business community, the Department of Education and the astronomy community to support each other in our ongoing efforts to inspire, educate and encourage our students to “reach for the stars”.

We hope that the Chamber members will join us in support of the second decade of Journey through the Universe in Hawaii. In the first decade over 50,000 students were enlightened by a cadre of over 50 astronomers and engineers annually in hundreds of classrooms in the Department of Education’s Hilo/Waiakea Complex area. We are looking to expand to other parts of the island and hopefully that vision will become a reality in this next decade.
Please come and join us and meet our astronomers and engineers and the Department of Education’s leadership team. We want to thank you personally for your continued support of Journey through the Universe and for your dedication to our Hawaii Island students.


For more information on Journey through the Universe, please visit: http://www.gemini.edu/journey

Janice Harvey, Gemini Observatory
Journey through the Universe Team Leader

Chamber newsletter pics

2015 Journey Registration Flyer FINAL_fillable

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