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When the Data Observes You!

A Facial Optical Illusion *The exposure time was set to be long enough to bring out the faint details of the nebula and as a result the illuminating star was overexposed, producing this odd effect. -Tom Geballe, Gemini Astronomer Humans have a long history of ‘seeing’ familiar objects in photographs taken of unfamiliar landscapes. Examples like […]

Shining a Light on Journey’s Master Educators

It’s all hands on deck for Journey Through the Universe (Journey) 2015!  This year is shaping up as another incredible year as astronomy educators from Hawai‘i (and around the world) prepare to share their enthusiasm and energy in East Hawai‘i classrooms. Master Educators Workshop A major component of the “Journey” program is supporting eduction in […]

Data Center Upgrades: Behind the Scenes

Racks and Heat “High-availability networks are key in ensuring that Gemini’s daytime and nighttime operations run dependably and efficiently.  Quite simply, the fault of a single network device should never impact Gemini’s exploration of the universe!  The same holds true for planned maintenance cycles. The new fault-tolerant core network infrastructure now provides us flexibility when […]

Great Data from GeMS!

Despite weather constrains and limitations in laser power, the Gemini Muti-Conjugate Adaptive Optics Systems (GeMS) recently completed a successful run, delivering lots of great data for users. According to Gemini astronomer Rodrigo Carrasco, the adaptive optics performance was good and uniform in the entire Gemini South Adaptive Optics Imager (GSAOI) field of view. The resolution varied between 65 […]

Gemini Catches a Serendipitous Event Around Jupiter

Summit observers Jen Miller and Joy Chavez first noticed something unusual about the start of the night’s observations at Gemini North on December 16th, 2014, with this excerpt from the night log, “…the target looks like a crescent, like Venus or the moon. …reslew. …Same thing, different direction to the crescent.” Gemini staff observer Sunny […]

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