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Announcing Gemini Science Fellowships

The Gemini Observatory is a partnership of six countries: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile and the United States. Forefront astronomical research is carried out with 8-m optical/infrared telescopes in Hawaii and Chile (see Gemini has an opening for one Science Fellow at each telescope – Gemini North, Hilo, Hawaii, and Gemini South, La Serena, […]

Large and Long Tweets!

…or rather, tweets from one of Gemini’s Large and Long programs. If you’re a regular Twitter user, or even a casual tweeter, consider following: @wtfastro (Wesley Fraser) and; @astrokiwi (Michele Bannister). They are both live-tweeting their experiences at the Gemini North telescope, on Hawaii’s Mauna Kea. The team is at Gemini working on the COLOSSOS: […]

Large and Long Programs Proposals Selection

This year, starting in semester 2014B, the Gemini Observatory begins observing the proposals selected as part of the Large and Long Program initiative (for programs which require more time than is typically awarded for Gemini observing programs). As an example, the Dark Energy Survey team, plans to explore examples of strong gravitational lenses using spectroscopy. […]

TEXES Returns to Gemini North

The visiting instrument TEXES, (a high-resolution mid-infrared spectrograph) currently on Gemini North, continues its run despite interruptions by a hurricane and other weather events. The TEXES team is well-along in observing all of their highest-priority targets, and expects to observe many more before their run ends on August 17th. The TEXES visiting team commented that […]

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