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Gemini staff activities.

Gemini Staff Mentor Undergraduates

Gemini’s science staff have a long-history of mentoring students participating in the REU (Research Experiences for Undergraduates) and the PIA ( Práctica en Investigación en Astronomía) programs in a partnership with the Cerro-Tololo Inter-American Observatory (CTIO) in Chile. The examples on this page highlight recent intern/mentor-ships at Gemini South. Gemini staff astronomer Bryan Miller helps […]

Interns at Gemini South Excel!

Gemini South Intern Profiles You might say it’s “Intern Season” at Gemini South where a total of 4 students are currently kicking off their 2015 internships. Watch this blog from more updates. Marcel Dussert Marcel Dussert is a student of Information Systems and Management Control Engineering from the Universidad Católica del Norte in Coquimbo, Chile. Marcel is working […]

Bring One Get One at Gemini South

As a participant in the “Bring One, Get One” Student Support Program, Dylan Angell, a first year PhD student at the University of Virginia (US), is currently participating in observations at the Gemini South telescope. Dylan’s main research interest is in Galactic structures, and his primary goal is to train at one of the world’s leading […]

Australian Science Interns Begin Work With Gemini Scientists

Rhiannon Gardiner (left front) and Conor O’Neil (right front) kick off their internship at Gemini South where they will work along-side Gemini science staff for the next ten weeks. Both interns originate from Australia. Rhiannon is working with Assistant Scientist Blair Conn (center, back) and Research Associate Djazia Ladjal (left, back) while Gemini Science Fellow […]

Exhibit by Artist in Residence, Colleen McLaughlin Barlow at Gemini South

Recently, artwork by Gemini South’s Artist in Residence Colleen McLaughlin Barlow, in conjunction with pieces by Gemini South staff, were displayed in an exciting  (and limited) display for observatory staff in Chile. Photo portraits of staff, paintings, imprints, and murals were just some of the pieces on display. For most of November the Canadian artist […]

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