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Journey Through the Universe 2017

Journey Through the Universe 2017 The Universe is expanding… and so is the Journey Through the Universe program! From March 13-17, 70 observatory professionals and informal educators are extending their reach to districts across the Big Island. Journey Through the Universe (to be referred to as Journey in the rest of this post) includes: classroom visits […]

Aunty Mimi’s Astro-Bash: Free, Frozen, Family Fun

Aunty Mimi’s Astro-Bash: Free, Frozen, Family Fun The verdict is in on Aunty Mimi’s Astro-Bash… The evening was an Astro-Blast!!! Aunty Mimi held her inaugural Astro-Bash located at the Hilo Public Library on January 11th. More than 140 people packed onto the Library lanai to enjoy a free night of hands on activities, give-aways, and a “cool” live science […]

Gemini Supports Local Schools with Computer Donations

For most institutions, including Gemini, hardware has a relatively short life-cycle. It can be expensive to upkeep older computers and if an older computer fails, years of valuable research and/or information is lost. This is why Gemini generally replaces its computer hardware every three to four years. However, for Tim Minick, Gemini’s Information Systems Group […]

AstroDay 2015!

  AstroDay 2015 Please enjoy these highlights from AstoDay 2015 in Hilo!

A Rare Day in Hilo!

Anyone who lives in Hilo knows that the town gets a “bum-rap” for its wet weather (ok, there are some exceptions!) While nice weather does abound on Hawaii’s eastern front, today’s sky is a rare sight indeed. Early this afternoon not a single cloud could be spotted in Hilo’s sky, as illustrated by this “fisheye” […]

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