Safety First at Gemini!

Gemini’s day crews in Chile and Hawai‘i ensure that nighttime operations run smoothly. Of course some of the work involves potentially dangerous situations and this is why Gemini regularly schedules special safety training courses for high-risk work activities. The engineering group at Gemini South recently participated in several special training courses coordinated by the Safety Group. […]

Gemini-Korea Collaboration Studies Late Stages of Stellar Lives

  The Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute (KASI) is supporting a three-year research program led by Hee-Won Lee (Sejong University) and Rodolfo Angeloni (Gemini Observatory) to study the late stages of stellar evolution. In addition to advancing the fundamental understanding of these systems, the program will help train the next generation of astronomers and […]

Argentina Celebrates 15 Years in Gemini!

The Argentinian astronomical community is conducting a special meeting to celebrate 15 years of science with Gemini! From now until the 5th, researchers, technical professionals, undergraduates, and post-graduate students are invited to attend this meeting at the Planetarium of the city of La Plata in Argentina. Registration is free. The meeting’s primary purpose is to […]

In-Situ Wash: Mirror Cleaning at Gemini South

In-Situ Wash Periodically, the primary mirrors of both Gemini telescopes need to be cleaned. The day crew at the Gemini South telescope perform this task regularly (Gemini North’s primary mirror does not receive as much dust, and does not require cleaning as frequently). In Chile, the in-situ washing happens twice a year and involves as many […]

Flamingos-2 — Ready for Action!

Flamingos-2 Prepares for a Date with the Universe After a series of updates (and maintenance) to further improve performance, the mid-infrared imager and spectrograph Flamingos-2 (F2) is back on the Gemini South telescope in preparation for queue observations. Gemini scientists, engineers, and technicians worked in collaboration at the Cerro Pachón instrument lab over the last […]