Maunakea Scholars Awarded Observing Time at Gemini North

Maunakea Scholars Awarded Time on Gemini North On February 3rd, Gemini awarded telescope time to two ecstatic local high school students through the Maunakea Scholars program. The Maunakea Scholars program is the first of its kind in the world, and is spearheaded by Canada-France-Hawai‘i-Telescope (CFHT). The program involves collaboration between the Maunakea observatories, high schools, […]

Gemini Featured in Fall 2016 SVC Bulletin

Gemini Featured in Fall 2016 SVC Bulletin In the most recent Society of Vaccum Coaters (SVC) Bulletin, they feature an article written by Gemini North Optical Engineer Thomas Schneider as well as an image of the Gemini North telescope on the cover. SVC is the global source for learning, applying and advancing vaccum coating, surface engineering […]

Congratulations to the 2016 Gemini STARS!

Gemini STARS Every year, Gemini staff can nominate a colleague to receive the “Gemini STARS” award. One award is given to an employee at both Gemini North and South. Employees who receive the award exemplify Gemini’s Working Culture, and meet these STARS standards: Striving for personal and institutional growth Treating others as we want to […]

“Spiders” on Mars

“Spiders” on Mars The South Pole of Mars is a strange and wonderful place. Many of its surface features are sculpted by the never-ending cycle of freezing and thawing of exposed carbon dioxide ice and subsurface water ice. These features includes “spiders” (radially organized channels carved in the surface), pitted sheets of carbon dioxide gas […]

Journey Through the Universe 2017 Greatest Hits

Journey Through the Universe 2017 Greatest Hits! On Wednesday, October 19th, Gemini held a workshop called “Journey Through the Universe 2017 Greatest Hits!” Five observatory STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) professionals with great K-12 classroom presentations demonstrated the activities they present to students during the week of Journey Through the Universe classroom visits in […]