Get to Know Gemini! Jared Eckersley

Get to Know Gemini is a new series of blog posts aimed to highlight the different careers, backgrounds, and types of people contributing to Gemini Observatory and its science.

Name:  Jared Eckersley

What is your current position and at which telescope?

My current title is Web Application Developer and I am physically located at Gemini North in Hilo Hawai’i

In four lines or less, explain what you do as part of the Gemini Observatory team?

I am the subject matter expert for web technologies at Gemini Observatory. My day to day activities include writing new applications as the need arises, supporting existing web applications (inclusive of in house developed and third party applications), and providing support for the web stack infrastructure. A large part of my day is spent in front of a code editor. Being a web developer means that you have to know a lot of technologies. I spend most of my time developing in PHP, Python, SQL, JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

How long have you worked for Gemini?

12+ years

What drew you to this job?

I was originally drawn to working for one of the observatories after I took a tour through Subaru telescope many years ago. I was amazed by the cutting edge technology and knew I wanted to be a part of it.

What is the best part of your job?

Working with a team of people that are actively adding to the knowledge of humanity.

Where are you originally from/where did you grow up?

I am originally from Greeley Colorado.

What skill do you think is most important to know for your job?

Communication. A lot of what I do involves listening to the needs and desires of people and figuring out how to make it a reality.

Why is astronomy important?

Are we alone in the Universe? Are there other habitable planets?

What is your favorite movie?

Star Wars! I remember standing in line at the Cooper Twin theatre in Greeley Colorado to see the movie when I was very young.

What is the latest book you have read?

I read “Before we go to bed” to my seven year old daughter last night – does that count? If not, the last grown up book I have read is Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell.

What three albums would you bring with you to a desert island?

1) Fat Freddys Drop – Based on a true story
2) Bob Marley – Legend
3) Sex Pistols – Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols

What is one hobby of yours?

I really enjoy playing soccer. I play in a Sunday league called the Makule League. Makule is a Hawaiian word that roughly translates as old man.

Favorite beverage?

I really enjoy a good bourbon. My go to bourbon is Basil Hayden.

Check back next month to learn more about the staff that help Gemini to explore the Universe and share its wonders!

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