Science Data Available from GRACES

The first data from Gemini Remote Access to CFHT ESPaDOnS Spectrograph (GRACES) is now available.

GRACES is the result of a cooperation between the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope (CFHT), Gemini, and NRC-Herzberg (Canada) to deliver high-resolution spectroscopy across the optical region via a fiber-optic feed from Gemini to CFHT.

In order to help users familiarize themselves with the data and instrument performance, all the initial observations, including reduced data, are publicly available at the Gemini website . A special thanks goes out to members of Gemini’s Science and Technology Advisory Committe (STAC) who helped select targets. Regular 2015B programs using GRACES are now being observed.

More information about GRACES can be found here.


Target field of view for GRACES observations of the nucleus of the galaxy NGC 6946.

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