Flamingos-2 — Ready for Action!

Flamingos 2

Cooling F2’s detector down to 80 kelvin as preparations are made for its observing run.

Flamingos-2 Prepares for a Date with the Universe

After a series of updates (and maintenance) to further improve performance, the mid-infrared imager and spectrograph Flamingos-2 (F2) is back on the Gemini South telescope in preparation for queue observations. Gemini scientists, engineers, and technicians worked in collaboration at the Cerro Pachón instrument lab over the last week in preparation. F2 is now equipped with a new spectroscopic filter (to access longer wavelengths), and focal plane mask (a new slit) which is narrower and longer than the ones regularly available on the instrument. The team also fixed the alignment of a baffle that is intended to block thermal radiation from the “bridge valve” which was adversely impacting data. F2 is currently in the telescope and taking science data.

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