Large and Long Tweets!

…or rather, tweets from one of Gemini’s Large and Long programs.

If you’re a regular Twitter user, or even a casual tweeter, consider following: @wtfastro (Wesley Fraser) and; @astrokiwi (Michele Bannister). They are both live-tweeting their experiences at the Gemini North telescope, on Hawaii’s Mauna Kea. The team is at Gemini working on the COLOSSOS: COLours for the Outer Solar System Object Survey program. This is one of many observations in Gemini’s new Large and Long Programs mode – learn more about Large and Long Programs at:

This round of observations for COLOSSOS continues through Friday/Saturday, night/morning (August 29/30, Hawai’i Standard Time).


The Gemini North telescope (foreground) and Canada-France-Hawai’i Telescope (background), both observing the same target as part of the COLOSSOS program. Gemini Observatory/AURA image by Joy Pollard


Gemini’s night crew work with visiting astronomer Wesley Fraser (Principal Investigator, middle/left at console) and Rosemary Pike (Co-Investigator, via remote on screen). Rosemary is visiting as part of the Bring one, Get one program, see:

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