Core-collapse Supernovae from the Palomar Transient Factory: Indications for a Different Population in Dwarf Galaxies

JournalThe Astrophysical Journal
AuthorArcavi, I., Gal-Yam, A., Kasliwal, M. M., Quimby, R. M., Ofek, E. O., Kulkarni, S. R., Nugent, P. E., Cenko, S. B., Bloom, J. S., Sullivan, M., Howell, D. A., Poznanski, D., Filippenko, A. V., Law, N., Hook, I., J├Ânsson, J., Blake, S., Cooke, J., Dekany, R., Rahmer, G., Hale, D., Smith, R., Zolkower, J., Velur, V., Walters, R., Henning, J., Bui, K., McKenna, D., and Jacobsen, J.
First author participant affiliationOTHER
Any author participant affiliationsUSA/Canada/UK
Program IDGN-2009B-Q-13, GS-2009B-Q-11, GS-2010A-Q-13, GS-2010B-Q-13

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