The GOGREEN survey: dependence of galaxy properties on halo mass at z > 1 and implications for environmental quenching

JournalMonthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
AuthorReeves, Andrew M. M., Balogh, Michael L., van der Burg, Remco F. J., Finoguenov, Alexis, Kukstas, Egidijus, McCarthy, Ian G., Webb, Kristi, Muzzin, Adam, McGee, Sean, Rudnick, Gregory, Biviano, Andrea, Cerulo, Pierluigi, Chan, Jeffrey C. C., Cooper, M. C., Demarco, Ricardo, Jablonka, Pascale, De Lucia, Gabriella, Vulcani, Benedetta, Wilson, Gillian, Yee, Howard K. C., Zaritsky, Dennis
First author participant affiliationCanada
Any author participant affiliationsUSA/Canada/Chile/UK
Program IDGN-2015B-LP-4, GN-2016A-LP-4, GN-2017A-LP-4, GN-2018A-LP-4, GN-2018B-LP-4, GN-2019A-LP-4, GS-2014B-LP-1, GS-2015B-LP-1, GS-2016B-LP-1, GS-2017B-LP-1, GS-2018A-LP-1, GS-2018B-LP-1

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