Planet Hunters TESS II: findings from the first two years of TESS

JournalMonthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
Author Eisner, N. L.; Barragán, O.; Lintott, C.; Aigrain, S.; Nicholson, B.; Boyajian, T. S.; Howell, S.; Johnston, C.; Lakeland, B.; Miller, G.; McMaster, A.; Parviainen, H.; Safron, E. J.; Schwamb, M. E.; Trouille, L.; Vaughan, S.; Zicher, N.; Allen, C.; Allen, S.; Bouslog, M. Johnson, C.; Simon, M. N.; Wolfenbarger, Z.; Baeten, E. M. L.; Bundy, D. M.; Hoffman, T.
First author participant affiliationUK
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Program IDGN-2020B-LP-105, GS-2020B-LP-105, GS-2020A-Q-125, GN-2020A-Q-132, GN-2020A-LP-101, GS-2019A-DD-109

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