The importance of major mergers in the build up of stellar mass in brightest cluster galaxies at z = 1

JournalMonthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
AuthorLidman, C., Iacobuta, G., Bauer, A. E., Barrientos, L. F., Cerulo, P., Couch, W. J., Delaye, L., Demarco, R., Ellingson, E., Faloon, A. J., Gilbank, D., Huertas-Company, M., Mei, S., Meyers, J., Muzzin, A., Noble, A., Nantais, J., Rettura, A., Rosati, P., Sánchez-Janssen, R., Strazzullo, V., Webb, T. M. A., Wilson, G., Yan, R., and Yee, H. K. C.
First author participant affiliationAustralia
Any author participant affiliationsUSA/Canada/Chile/UK/Australia
Program IDGN-2009B-Q-34, GN-2010A-Q-1, GN-2010B-Q-37, GS-2009B-Q-26, GS-2010B-Q-27, GN-2009A-Q-1

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