The observing team at Gemini keeps a detailed log of each night's science observing, also noting weather issues, technical faults and any time spent in planned engineering. It is read by Gemini staff early each morning. A summary of the night is written at the end of observing and included at the top of each night log. That summary is posted here, unedited, to give interested users a feel for what we're doing.

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Jun 21, 2018 The night is forecast to hover in CC 70, and seeing is predicted to be on the poor side, around IQ 85. We will continue the IGRINS queue, with GMOS as backup. Still on generator power, so we will be careful with pointing. The night crew arrived to mostly clear skies, low winds, and humidity. We had moderate seeing and remained in CC 70/80 all night. Stuck with the IGRINS queue all night. No technical problems.
Jun 20, 2018 Tonight we have queue operations from SBF. We expect a clear night of (mostly) IQ70. The only instrument available is GMOS and the summit is powered via generator which puts a limit on the azimuth range available for observations. The night started with very thin cirrus coming from the west (CC70) and good seeing (IQ70). We had a break from the cirrus which allowed us to complete the high-priority program but the cirrus returned to stay for the rest of the night, with solid IQ70. We observed three B1 program, one B4 program and the ENT planned for tonight.
Jun 19, 2018 This is a normal queue observation night with GMOS. We expect a clear night with average (or better) seeing conditions. There is one ENT for tonight. It was a clear night with mostly IQ70/20 and bit of IQ85. Thin cirrus arrived in the second half. We observed three B1, two B2, one B3 and two B4 programs. All the weather loss is due to lack of targets. We closed earlier for the same reason.
Jun 18, 2018 GMOS queue from SBF. Forecast is for clear skies an low wind. Clear night with good seeing most part of the night (IQ70), and some IQ20 around midnight. One Band-1, Two Band-2 and two Band-3 were observed.
Jun 17, 2018 Normal queue operations from SBF with GMOS. Forecast is clear night (CC70), Average or better, IQ70, high winds (> 15m/s), and average/low humidity < 50%. A clear night with good seeing. We started with IQ85 but quickly went to IQ70 and stayed there for the rest of the night. Three Band-1, one Band-2,3 and one engineering program are observed.
Jun 16, 2018 GMOS-only queue, probably fighting with the clouds most of the night. Thick clouds until 4 AM (CCANY), then some cirrus (CC70). Seeing was variable at the beginning of the night and more stable to the end (IQ70). Two band-1 and one Band-4 are observed.
Jun 15, 2018 Normal queue operations from SBF with GMOS. Forecast is clear sky (CC50/70), average to poor seeing, IQ70/85, and medium to high winds (> 15m/s) is expected. We started with CC50 conditions but around midnight Cirrus arrived from the south and stayed for about three hours. In general, seeing has been IQ70 with some periods in IQ85. We observed three Band-1, one Band-2,3,4, and one ENG program.
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